July 11, 2009

More precision

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I have found out that in Bobs Track Builder you can underlay your track with a picture. That means, you can shape your track after the real environment when you put a picture from googlearth there.

I can now, as you see, make the track very close to what it is in the real world:



June 30, 2009

New Crash-Rails

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I have made some new barriers for my track. Now it looks more like the real thing.


I’ve made it from a texture from CGTextures, added an alpha-channel to get the transparency and changed the shape of the wall.



June 26, 2009

First Preview Video

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Here you can see, that the track is at a very early stage and I have lot of things to do to finish it…but things are doing fine.

June 25, 2009


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Today I tried to add some lines to the road. It’s not that easy, because the easiest way to do that seems to use the wall tool and edit the shape and height of the wall. But getting the lines straight and nice seems to take HOURS….lines

WIP Screenshots

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Here are my first Work In Progress Screenshots from the virtual Track!

(Screenshots made in Bobs Track Builder; not within the game)

Pictures of the Real Track

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Here are some pictures of the real roads, shot out of my car.


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Here is the map of the Track:


First Project “Bergrennen Koenigstein”

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This is my very first Track-Project!

Track Name: Koenigstein Bergrennen
Location: Koenigstein/GER
Length: about 10 kilometres
Type: Real Roads


The Track is situated in the Taunus, a forrest in middle/south Germany. It therefore has some nice ups and downs and long corners through deep forrests. But it also has some edges and tight sections in two small villages.

The first part of the track contains two long straights (Main Straight and “Sodener Chaussee”) connected by a 90 left.
The “Sodener Chaussee” itself is about 7 Kilometers long, but the Track leaves the Chaussee after 2.1km with a fast bend into the village “Neuenhain” where you have to be very brave to hold on to the throttle. After some easier corners the track points to a very slow 90° corner into a nice small straight through some fields. Afterwards the track leeds into a long downhill left, which is closing down at the end. Here your care can get very slippery at the back by breaking into the corner.

The driver is now arriving the town “Mammolshain”. After a steep straight the driver has to pass an uphill-hairpin heads into the exit of Mammolshain and into the Mönchswald (Forrest).

The last section of the Track is seedet with long S-Curves and some up and downs before the driver has to pass the last corner, a roundabout, to get back on the Main Straight.

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