December 20, 2009

corner names / comparison of some corners

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Here is a map with the new corner-names of the Friedberg GP Track and some comparisons of  “Saar Hairpin”, “Leonhardt”, “Burgberg” and “Haag 2”:


October 19, 2009

Rails and Overview

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I added some railway to the track, which you can see when youre racing. The 3D-Object was made by dosgraphix.


Secondly I have an overview Screenshot, which shows you the progress of the track. And you can see how much I have already done. I am really looking forward to what it will look in the end 🙂


I also done some small changes:

– Reduced the panel length of the road from 5 meters to 2 meters, for less edges.
– Removed the curbs before turn 11, and placed a wall.
– Changed the road-texture to a more realistic one (was too dark)

October 8, 2009

Some improvements on the Friedberg-Track

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After getting things started in my new job, I have found some time, to make some changes to the FB Track.

Here’s a short list of what I have done:

– New tarmac texture
– Adjusted road in width at some points.

– Rebuild walls/fences; mainly the shape and textures of them
– Added curbs and tyrewalls in some corners
– Added gray building-dummies where buildings will stand in future
– Added red grand-stand-dummies where grandstands will be in future
– Remodelled turn 2 (more gras, space and trees)
– Remodelled turn 19 (more gras, space and grandstand)
– other small changes

Click on the pictures, to see the changes made in the corners:

Here’s a video. You can see the changes at best when you compare this video with the old one (one post before).

July 14, 2009

Video of the route!

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Here is a video where I drive the current version (WIP) of the Track:

Friedberg Grand Prix

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New Project “Friedberg GP”
I have worked the last days on another Track. This Track was originally the first project. But it turned out that the track is too small and that there are no good / special corners, espacially for overtaking.

Then after some weeks I tried out another route, built the main shape of the track and was kindly surprised that it was much better to drive.

It has almost any type of corner…..chicanes, hairpin, long fast turns and slow ones.

My favourite turns:

– First sector from start to the easy-right. It’s just so variabel!

– The first time you drive under the railway. You arrive there with high speed, the track goes a little bit downwards and then you have to break heavily to get the two 90° corners.

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