October 8, 2009

Some improvements on the Friedberg-Track

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After getting things started in my new job, I have found some time, to make some changes to the FB Track.

Here’s a short list of what I have done:

– New tarmac texture
– Adjusted road in width at some points.

– Rebuild walls/fences; mainly the shape and textures of them
– Added curbs and tyrewalls in some corners
– Added gray building-dummies where buildings will stand in future
– Added red grand-stand-dummies where grandstands will be in future
– Remodelled turn 2 (more gras, space and trees)
– Remodelled turn 19 (more gras, space and grandstand)
– other small changes

Click on the pictures, to see the changes made in the corners:

Here’s a video. You can see the changes at best when you compare this video with the old one (one post before).


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